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Sassy Hairstyles For Women Sassy Hairstyles For Women
@sassy-hairstyles | 9 Jul 22 - 06:17

Short Sassy Haircut
A short sassy haircut can be an effortless way to add texture and volume to your hair. While a tapered pixie cut might not look right on thicker tresses, it can look great on thinner ones. The hairstyle also looks chic when styled with choppy layers. Another eye-catching short sassy hairstyle is the tousled wave bob. This look can be achieved on most hair types.

A layered bob is another #sassy choice. This #hairstyle requires little maintenance and has face-framing bits that can be adapted to the woman's face shape. This style can be worn straight or messy. It can be further enhanced with balayage. If you want to make it more sassy, you can always add a few streaks of color to the layered bob.

Short Sassy Haircut A short sassy haircut can be

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